NOTE: The following download packages are not yet available!

There are several packages - choose the one which fits your needs best:

Download DbToRia DbToRia
Contains the application without a database.
Recommended for use with your existing database..
Download DbToRia width SQLite DbToRia & SQLite
Contains preconfigured application and an empty SQLite database.
Recommended for use without a database server available.
Download DbToRia with SQLite and Sample Application DbToRia & SQLite & sample application
Contains preconfigured application as well as a sample application (time-tracking software)
in a SQLite database.
Recommended to try DbToRia.
Download DbToRia for Developers Developer package
Contains uncompiled source code for DbToRia. Recommended for developers.

Source code

Developers may want to get the latest source codes from Github:


To use DbToRia you will need:

DbToRia comes with a built-in webserver. Optionally you can use a stand-alone webserver with Perl through mod_perl or fast-cgi (recommended for production use).